VT Ads Agency

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VT Ads Agency is a digital marketing agency that provides businesses with high-quality digital marketing solutions. Their team of experienced professionals is committed to helping their clients achieve their business goals by delivering tailored solutions that meet their unique needs.
VT Ads Agency is the perfect choice for entrepreneurs and business owners who want to build an online e-commerce business that runs on autopilot. They provide an entire team of eCommerce experts who will run your business for you from day one, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of your business.

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What did we do for VT Ads Agency?

Funnel Building and CRM Automation

We created a successful sales funnel for your client that resulted in over $1 million in revenue. The funnel build process involved creating a step-by-step process for potential customers to move through that ultimately led to a sale.

Additionally, our team implemented CRM automation for the client to help them track leads more effectively. We built a proper sales pipeline for the client and connected Calendly to their CRM system, which enabled them to streamline their lead management process and better track customer interactions. This likely resulted in increased efficiency and productivity for the client’s sales team, ultimately leading to successful revenue growth.