Full Service Digital Media Agency

3reesixty is an independent digital media consulting firm that caters the new age needs of businesses worldwide, ranging from web/mobile App development/designing, user experience/interface designing, branding, advertisement to search engine optimization and beyond. We are lovers of nature and as nature we build perfect solutions which are just as natural.

Our Services

We take pride in delivering quality results whether you are just starting your digital journey or would like to revamp your existing digital presence.


Looking for a way to effectively market your business online, worry not we provide complete digital marketing solutions

Brand Strategy

We begin each project by developing a unique brand strategy. We define success with forming a strong foundation


We use best-practice techniques and the latest industry standards to take your business into the digital universe

We serve globally

In just four years of our existence, we have served clients from 70+ Cities, 25 Countries.

Countries served

United States of America, United Kingdon, Cyprus, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Malaysia, Ireland, Australia, Qatar, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Sweden, South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, New Zealand, Russia, Germany and more

We live and breath mobile

Our services take a unique mobile first approach, as the world is moving to mobile devices. We capture attention where it is, no matter the device used. Our UI/UX experts build responsive designs which are pixel perfect.

We are constant learners

It’s our promise that with 3reesixty, you will be constantly challenged. Yes you read that right, we are hungry for knowledge and love testing cutting edge new strategies. We aren’t afraid to fail and that’s our secret sauce in being able to deliver results which leave the slow learners far behind. We are the growth hackers and continue to test every bit of every pixel and measure the impact it creates.

As Nature we believe in rawness

In our DNA it’s hard ingrained that we are folks who find love in seeing perfection how nature works, we are constantly inspired by our environment and it reflects in the work we do.

Our projects nurture as a butterfly

Ever saw how metamorphisis happens, if not then it is time to go back to your rusty old science books. One of the natures finest examples of evolution is that of a butterfly and that is exactly what we follow as our projects take shape.

Project Research / Egg

The projects are given birth, goals and objectives are assigned

Wireframes / Larva

Things start to take shape and a new digital life evolves

Design / Pupa

Like nature we design with precision in the cocoon of creativity

Development / Butterfly

Yayy the projects are fully developed and ready to fly

Let's Work Together

Get in touch with us and let us do the heavy lifting. We give 30 minutes no fuss pre project discussion sessions completely FREE. Our mantra is deliver value upfront. Schedule a meeting from the form or e-mail directly to info [at] 3reesixty.com