Discover The Quick & Easy Ways To Create, Record, and Publish Viral Short Videos so You Can Build Trust and Credibility Fast as AN EXPERT

Even if you’re not good at content creation or you have no idea how to record videos.

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Here’s what you’ll learn… 

– How to master the art of topic research to create content that resonates with your audience in as little as 3 days!

 – The quick and easy way to write short video hooks and scripts– it works so well you’ll swear it must be magic! ( 20 FILL IN THE BLANKS SCRIPTS, 100 HOOKS, 20 CTAS included)

– You’ll discover the ridiculously easy way to record videos on your own– even if you don’t know anything about camera angles or which software to use for transcription.

– How to quickly recognize and avoid creating generic content that doesn’t address your customer’s pain points.

– How to create a content splintering strategy- it works so well you won’t have to worry about creating content every now and then.

– Content publishing strategy- whether you want to do it organically or use paid methods.

Parsec Growth is a Video First Agency that creates video content for busy Coaches and Consultants so that they can be everywhere where their target audience is.




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Don’t make the SAME MISTAKE! 

Evolution. Progress. Moving forward. You name it. 

There is just one thing that is for sure.

You CAN’T stop it!

Only those who adapt survive. Dinosaurs could talk about it. 

They were the strongest, the greatest, and kings of the world. But they made ONE mistake. 

One fatal error! 

They Didn’t Adapt

And so they died out. 


The same goes for your Coaching and Consulting business. If you don’t adapt to the technological advancements offered to you, you will lose. Social media is evolving, and if you fail to produce and publish out there, your competitors will have the edge over you.

It’s all about attention span. If you fail to grab your audience’s attention, then you are done for it and VIDEO content is the most easily consumable content.

Creating Videos Is the Most Important thing to do to build and nurture relationships with your audience.

Many of the Coaches & Consultants are good at their business, but they struggle to create meaningful content. And it’s a pity.

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