Sales Funnel Consultation

3,000.00 2,000.00

Our process is gaining the attention on local, regional and national levels. The process is based on 5 principles;

  • Dynamic hyper-targeted demographics
  • Low CPC rates (we swap out audiences when CPC reaches $1.00)
  • Original content
  • Engaging multimedia (LOTS of video)
  • Digital sales automation


I’ll use a few scenarios throughout this post to help better illustrate the funnel:

  • Dental Surgeon (DS) – Dental implants
  • Financial Advisor (FA) – Full wealth management
  • Marketing Services (MS) – Sales funnel service


While there are a million and one ways to drive traffic to your sales funnel, I’m only going to focus on three categories for this particular funnel:

“House” Traffic

People that are currently on your email/contact list. They already have a general idea of who you are and what you do.

Search PPC / Organic

People searching for the service/solution you provide and arriving on your site in the process. This includes both paid traffic and organic (“free”/SEO).

  • DS – Dental implants near Richmond VA
  • FA – Financial advisor near Richmond VA
  • MS – Sales funnel service

Facebook Ads / Other

People that don’t know you, but likely have a problem you can solve.

  • DS – People with dentures
  • FA – Physicians in the “fellow” stage
  • MS – Ecommerce businesses

Collecting Contact Info

The particular traffic source will set the stage for “how” you’ll collect an individual’s contact information and/or get them to schedule a consultation.

“House” & Search Traffic

Since these people know you and/or know they have a problem, you’re able to ask them to schedule a consultation right away. There’s little point in waiting.


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